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Friday, April 26, 2013

A new garden, wild edibles and missing baby James

Yesterday my handy man husband was able to get our 30+ year old tiller running so that we would have the opportunity to grow a garden this year!  Yay! and its right out side our door.  No driving to pull weeds!!

Right now the garden is about 10 by 20 but we are hoping for a garden that is 20 by 30.  I hope to have all the early plants and seeds in by the middle of next week ;)  I am doing a square foot garden style this year so that I can cram everything into a tiny area and allow the actual plants to grow while choking out the weeds.


Have you ever picked blackberries in the woods or even gooseberries.  It is lots of fun and sweaty in the heat of summer.  Did you know that there may be "weeds" in your area that you can actually consume like raw carrots!  Yes, you can actually eat these very special weeds.

I am planning to study this website and our local NE Iowa area to get an idea of what foods I can make and eat.  http://www.ediblewildfood.com/  It sounds like lots of fun and I don't have to prepare the ground or weed anything to eat these absolutely free foods.  In some cases if you don't live in a wild open area, you may talk to a farmer and see if you may look through his pastures for these foods.  Make sure you look in a pasture where animals are so that you aren't harvesting foods that are sprayed with pesticides.  Either that or make sure you find foods near an organic farm.  Once the foods are harvested, the foods may be dried, canned or frozen so foods may last all year long ;)


Finally, our baby James Cameron was born as he was without heart beat this Monday.  It was hard to go through the process of delivery, but all was safe.  He was born as a 15 week old child at 2 oz and 14 cm long.  We will bury him later this week.  The hospital was nice and took pictures of our little child and gave us knitted things to remember him with.  It will be hard to know that he won't beable to give us hugs and call out our name here on earth.

After that incident, I can no longer, even though I never really did in any form, support or encourage anyone to ever go through a form of man-performed abortion.  It is cruel and inhumane.  A child is a child no matter the stage of pregnancy and no matter what "tests" say.  The life of the the mother will not improve if she removes her own child.  It is better to die for your child to save his or her life than to remove ones own.

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