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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Could the CT shootings have been prevented?

This is written by me a women who has had "anger" issues in the past, have relatives who have their issues with sin (alcohol, strip clubs and the like) but have found hope and healing in Christ alone.

The resounding answer is YES!  If you look at the situation like sin is the snake that comes to eat your pickles in the garden this will help you see the perspective from the eyes of Christ.  And sin was in the nature of Adam Lanza who came to "eat" the children of the school in CT.

1.  The first problem in the situation is that the mother and father of the child had a serious sin problem as evidenced by divorce.  If you are reading this blog and you are in marriage trouble please please please seek to resolve your own personal character so that your children don't choose evil over good.

Here are a couple of websites to help you fix your  and your child's character problems:

fascinating womanhood (a guide for women to fix marriage problems)

http://www.charityministries.org/  Listen to the tapes.  One a day or so.

Making brothers and sisters best friends.

2. The second problem in the situation is that the heart of the child was not cleaned up as evidenced by the paraphernalia found within the home.  Weaponry and love of violence were clearly evidenced in the home of the mother who raised the child. A good book to read on how to clean up and keep the heart of the child in love with being good rather than evil is the book:


This is a wonderful book and a wonderful family who understands the importance of proper good social skills with those in wheelchairs and with grey heads.  Notice that the book states that keeping our children's hearts is our VITAL priority.

3. Proper psychology was not administered.  Yes I have worked with children who have or have had Asperger's syndrome.  They are beautifully intelligent children.  A good book from a general "look" on psychology is written by Gordon Thomas entitled "parent effectiveness training."   Complete honesty and win win with children rather than authoritative or neglectful attitudes can change the behavior of children quite well.

4. Reading the bible to the child!!!  Had the mother read the words of Christ to the child from an old fashioned KJV bible EVERY DAY that child would have had the mind to want to LOVE God and not evil.

5. Administering positive free time entertainment activities that perhaps showed the child how to use electronics and technology in a positive light.  Have the child "video tape" momma washing the dishes and then doing some gardening as the mother was fond of doing.  Both positive activities.  Have the child write why he LOVES to watch momma do those things!!

6. Make sure the child is set free from his or her sin.   www.settingcaptivesfree.com has a resource for those whose child may be on the verge of mental collapse.

7. Gardening the mind of the child in a KJV bible home school base.  The mother chose to home school AFTER problems with the public school system, but secular knowledge doesn't show the child what sin nature actually is and looks like.  Knowledge of the ways of God as well as giving the child additional chores to keep busy and resourceful each and every day.  Faith and works produce good fruit.  We are not apes we are humans.  IF you are reading this you are a person who was not "aborted" by your mother.  Teaching children the words of socrates and plato is NOT the same as teaching your children the words of Christ.

8. Spanking immunization.  If a child is spanked no differently than giving the child a shot at the immunization clinic under the age of three, issues like this will surely be prevented.  A child that understands what pain feels like is less likely to want to give others pain and grief in life.  We as a society must learn how to properly spank again or more of these problems WILL show up.  How to do it: spank self first three times to ensure proper level of pain, then when child "touches" or "eats" something foolishly, administer spank.  More  can be found here : http://www.nogreaterjoy.org/  (the ministry has a so so reputation so keep that in mind) KEep in mind that these methods are DOCTORS orders so the risks and benefits are up to the patients at hand.

9. MOVE AWAY from bad influences.  Too much alcohol, too many drugs, too many weapons etc.  MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!  And DON'T call back.

10.  Public schools are full of bullys.  They were in the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder and teachers were KILLED by bullies in the small public school houses even in those days.....and they will continue to be that way unless PARENTS show who is boss in this world  God first, poppa second, momma third, child has apprentice opportunity under their guide.

Those are just a few examples of how the CT situation could have been prevented.  I hope that more parents choose to raise children in the eyes of Godly ways.  It is HARD WORK!!!  But it MUST be done to prevent more problems like this in God's garden of people.

For further information on this subject I encourage you to also read the articles written by ladies against faminism

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