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Monday, October 19, 2009

Unassisted Homebirth Supplies

This is a basic list of supplies that are useful when performing a home birth (with or without a midwife):

  • Sharp scissors for cutting the cord IF it's wrapped around in such a way as it has to be cut to get the baby free.
  • Shepherds Purse Tincture in case of excess bleeding/ hemorrhage.
  • grapefruit seed extract to take to prevent postpartum infection (mother prone to postpartum infection)
  • towels
  • ice
  • snacks
  • drinks (gatorade, juice, water)
  • Bulb syringe
  • a pan for placenta
  • sterile gloves (3 pair)
  • Peri bottle(s)
  • 6 peri cold packs
  • 2 plastic backed sheets (40X 72)
  • 2 plastic cord clamps
  • 1 bottle of providone (4 oz)
  • 2 pairs of stretch briefs or mesh panties
  • 10 chux pads 23 X 36
  • After birth sitz bath herbs
  • 4 oz bottle of olive oil
  • maxi pads
  • witch hazel pads (Tucks)
  • rubbing alcohol for sanitizing
  • Hydrogen peroxide in case of blood stains on carpet
  • 15 towels, 6 washcloths, 10 old receiving blankets
  • cloth diapers for baby
  • 2 little hats
  • onesie and gown, nice receiving blankets
  • two cord ties braided with embroidery floss
  • measuring tape
  • baby scale
  • Superglue for tears in peri-area
This list is very simple. Many of these items can be found in pharmacies, Wal-mart/Target, at online home birth sites, sewn or made by hand and at thrift stores/garage sales.
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