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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughts on the flu "pandemic"

First of all, Bryan, Micah and I have all had our share of cold and flu like symptoms which we believe was probably the H1N1 virus. To be honest it was less voracious than the regular seasonal flu.

Although statistics show that more folks are dieing from the H1N1 flu virus than the regular flu virus it should be noted that these same folks are allowing themselves and their children to succumb to the dangers of the virus. If a child is going to a daycare.....expect diseases to return unwelcome. If a child is going to a school.....the same is true about unwelcome visitors. A sick child that is being forced to participate in several activities at once while beginning to share a infectious portion of the flu virus is not being allowed to rest and as a result the body starts working overtime.

The second reason so many folks may be fearing the trauma of this H1N1 virus is because they have forgotten the "old path" Jeremiah 6:16. They have forgotten old fashioned remedies that our great great great grand parents knew. Simple substances like garlic, onion and cinnamon all have potent effects on any bacterial or viral infection in the body. Also anything with vitamin C, kicks the body into battle mode so that it is able to fight those darn bugs. So whip up a batch of chicken noodle soup and sip a cup of OJ while enjoying a little ginger cinnamon tea. So overall, God has given us natural plants and herbs for dealing with this time bomb without having to put our trust into man's ungodly money hungry vaccination system.....

So how do you face a person that thinks you are a walking disease because you refuse to get a vaccination that is only meant for profit and not meant for health improvement......simply explain to them you have already had the H1N1 virus or tell them you are not going to put your trust into man made non-sense.
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