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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Here is my to-do list and the places I need to clean before gardening begins. This does not include typical weekly cleaning:

Dish cupboards (wash interior surfaces of cupboards and sort dishes in proper order)
Under the sink
Behind deep freezer
Behind and on top of the refrigerator
Pantry cupboard (remove out-dated food items)
Canning jars (sort unused jars and food jars)
Drawers (wash surfaces of utensil drawers)
Linens (soak dingy wash clothes in non-chlorine bleach and/or bleach solution to remove stains)
Replace tote-container with a more appealing storage for onions and potatoes
Appliances (clean beneath and use tooth brush to remove dust in crevices of appliances)

Living Room:
Wash the seat cushions of couch and chair
Disentangle the cords behind the entertainment center
Remove unused items from the top of the entertainment center
Sort through the videos and donate unwatched videos

Office Space:
Sort out drawers in my desk and husband's desk. Throw unused/non-usable items.
Sort out printer stand. Throw unused/non-usable items.
Sort mail basket (may take a few hours)
Sort important papers file
Sort office supplies tote drawer.

Typical weekly cleaning routine.
Clean under sink and remove unused items

Linen closet:
Sort extra supplies (toothpaste, lotions, shampoos etc) shelf. Remove out-dated items. Donate hair dryers, irons not planning to use.

DS Bed room:
Sort through ds toy box and put stuffed animals in a separate "hammock"
Remove toys not played with for a long time and put in a storage place for new baby or later
Go though shoe/sock shelves and store small or unused items
Go through dresser drawers and store small clothing
Figure out a different way to "hide" laundry basket and diaper pail.....hmm
Wash rocking chair cover and alter to hide dirty green color
Remove and/or rearrange pictures on the wall to look more appealing

DS Closet:
Sort Craft Dresser
Sort Paper items and gift wrap so it is in a neater pile or container
Fold ALL cloth in cloth totes so it is not wrinkled (put aside in shrink wash if it was purchased but not preshrunk)
Organize yarn box by color

Our bedroom:
Sort through my clothing drawers and remove clothing not worn for over 1 year and donate. Try to keep set number of t-shirts etc.
Sort through lotions and potions drawer and donate or discard unused items
Sort through head covering/hair care drawer. Remove unworn items and sort in an organized fashion
Sort through Craft drawer and organize
Clean area around night stand

Our bedroom closet:
Go through my clothes and remove/donate clothing not worn in over one year and/or not planning to wear anytime soon
Remove any shoes that are too tattered to wear in public and/or donate unworn shoes
Refold fallen blankets or lumpy blankets. Place a freshener bar of soap in the midst of the blankets

I believe that should cover about everything. Of course there are other little corners of our small apartment that we were creative with storage that I will have to clean out....hopefully I will not forget to conquer those measly messes
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