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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hymn: Thou Hast Words of Life

This Hymn is taken from Zion's Harp (Apostolic Christian Church of America) # 203

Oh, how joyful is the hour When we, Lord, draw nigh to Thee
And the words of life and power from thy holy lips receive.
May we not in vain assemble Round thy word, O Lord today;
Into our hearts meek and humble write the word of Life, we pray!

At thy feet, O Lord we linger; Speak to us in accents clear!
Let us hear thy word so tender Eagerly with godly fear.
Teach us follow thy e3xample teach us to devote our time;
This so short a time, though ample For eternity sublime.

Teach us to escape destruction Through the power of Thy grace,
All offense, with Thy instruction to forsake and to efface.
And according to thy pleasur Think and speak, endure and choose,
Striving on ward toward that treasure, as we have no time to lose.

Open Lord our understanding, as to thy disciples there.
May our hearts be e'er demanding wisdom's light with thee to share.
Heavenly Light that oft has banished many dark and dreary spots;
Light,O Lord, in us replenish; In Thy light we stumble not.

And Love's holy fire, we pray thee, Pour into each spotless heart,
That in joy or in affliction Ne'er from thee we may depart.
May we never feel encumbered with the cross that we must bear,
Gladly leave in self-denial what thy kingdom cannot share.

Let Thy word bring light and gladness, strength and power to our heart;
May it be the living motive causing each to do his part.
Help to store in careful keeping what this day we may receive;
Manifest thy healing power in all who thy word believe.

This is a wonderful hymn that shares how reading of God's word gives us strength and power in this ungodly world. Let us continue to reflect on God's word on this day of rest.
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