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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beautiful day today and great knitting supply

I believe the temperature was in the 50s-60s today. Much of the snow was melting. My ds and I went for a walk to a small cheap nick-nack store full of items for one-dollar. I purchased a few sewing/craft supplies at the store and some bubbles for my ds. He also spent some time outside kicking a large ball around, catching bubbles and exploring like a typical toddler.

While shopping today I came across a great idea for extra cheap size one-two knitting needles. Simply use some bbq skewers! The bbq skewers I purchased were 1.15$ and I recieved over 100 pieces. That makes room for a whole lot of knitting projects! Typically 5 double pointed wooden size-one needles at our local knitting shop are at least 8 dollars! That is expensive....especially considering that the needles break easilly at such a small size. The bbq skewers are great because they already come with a pointed end. If you want double pointed needles for making socks simply whittle the opposite end down and make it pointed. If you want a flat tip on the non-pointed end, place a piece of duct tape, mini piece of round cardboard glued or other "sticky" piece for a flat end. And don't for get to have fun!
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