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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The sad realities of life: Before life endures

This story is so real and I cried the entire time I read it. Without putting our faith and trust in the Lord, the medical establishment attempts to diminish the realities of life and the powerful effect it has on our emotions and well being. By squashing our emotions and acting as if they do not exist we become ill. Putting our trust in strangers is not real faith. Putting our trust in Christ who knows and loves us is real faith. It is so sad that women simply want to "get it over with" if there is a flaw in a pregnancy so they run to the nearest hospital, sign up for a D & C and attempt running away from the realities of God as the perfect creator. They don't even attempt to embrace the emotions or the realities of life.

Yes.....there are sad stories to home birth. Some sad stories are predictable. Others are not.

Life is so fragile and so precious.....let us embrace every part of it.
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