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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some pregnancy troubles.

I'll try to keep this short. I'm not sure how many folks read my blog. Been having some slight bleeding lately. I went to the nurse-midwife today.....(I know tough self-medical care girl goes to another person for help) and they did some checks. I wanted to make sure that the pregnancy was not ectopic. Kinda hard without 200$ ultrasound. Checked my Hcg (which I could not do on my own) and it was quite low.....lower than it should be as it showed 6 weeks pregnancy rather than 8 week. I am hoping that things will clear up soon as this problem is really bothering me and making me worry about the condition of this pregnancy. I am still hoping God steps in and carries this baby to full term and healthy delivery. I know he has the power to do so.

By the way we did refuse an ultrasound (because I know they often want those scans for legal purposes and not always for medical purposes). I felt it was best as an ultrasound is invasive on privacy at this stage and I don't want the stress of knowing the baby does not have a heart beat right now. I'd rather just let nature take its course.

Further more, we have not told family, friends, co-workers or any other typical questioners and concerned folk about this pregnancy. We were planning to wait until at least 13 weeks and even until 20 weeks.

The only ones that know are those who read my blog, the nurse-midwife that attended me, the triage nurse and the midwife assistant....as far as I know.

If this does lead to a full miscarriage I plan on having it alone and not in a hospital environment.

Tear tear. God hears our silent tears.....

I am going to continue studying on home birth and keeping positive about this pregnancy coming to full term!
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