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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fever Remedies

Over the past few days my ds has been having a light fever accompanied by runny nose. Of course the typical modern day remedy for fever is acetaminophen or ibuprofen. But there are also old fashioned remedies that actually help fight the infection rather than just alleviate the pain and temperature.

Here are a few common remedies found in the Amish country and old English remedies that use common substances from around the home:

1. Use chopped raw onions on the soles of the feet overnight for fevers. Wear tight socks to keep the onions in place. For babies and small children, a thin layer of cloth may be put in place between skin and onion to prevent blistering. Mrs. Eli Bontrager

2. To rid a child of fever, bathe them in strong warm vinegar water. Fannie J Stutzman

3. Rub vinegar on the forehead, temples, palms of your hands, and bottoms of your feet to get rid of fever. Repeat as needed every 20-25 minutes. Melvin & Inez Mullet

4. Put a wet vinegar rag on the breast, change off every time the rag feels warm will drive the fever out fast. It also works on the feet if fever isn't too high. Daniel A Hershberber

5. Goot:
3 T fresh chopped Garlic
3 T Olive Oil
3 T Coconut Oil

Chop garlic and add warmed olive oil and coconut oil into a blender. Once the mixture becomes milky, pour the mixture through a strainer. Put mixture into wide mouthed jar and let cool for an hour. This salve is a wonder drug and can be stored for several months. The longer it is stored the stronger it becomes. To help fight fevers, colds and infections rub the salve on soles of the feet, inner arm, temples, around the ears, forehead etc. Can be used as an antibacterial ointment for cuts and scrapes too.

Variations: Use 2 T Olive oil if Coconut oil is not available
Add Tea Tree oil, Rosemary oil, and/or chopped onions to add to potency
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