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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Where do supremacists come from?

Note: This could apply to any nationality.

*Elitist control
-Historically,  perhaps based on ancient events, perhaps based on events soon after Christ death and resurrection (Constantine, Nero, Herrod etc)
-Recent history (within the last 200 years up to the last century)
-Current media and propaganda

*No knowledge and wisdom

*No bible based character evaluation and prayer practice

*Far-left lies, anger and unforgiveness promotion, and anti-christ propogandas

*Pride and Mocking

*Love of Money

*Not born again, no repentance

*Cold heart and Betrayal of people close to a person

*Mental incapacity.  Drug, alcohol, addiction influence.  Uncontrollable anger and wickedness in heart.  Pornography usage.

When people do not have control in the first stages of supremacy they could go into further damage against tribes, nations and cultures.  It could lead to *terror and death and it could also lead to *extreme religions (demonic conditions where innocent people suffer).

John 3:16

What is solution?

Prayer.  Share gospel.  Love your enemies and follow Christ's words in RED.

Learn that the operation of offence, stay ahead of its course and follow unconditional love:Bait of Satan
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