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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Is the "American Gospel" the true Gospel?

-If the message given, is to repent, turn from sin and to live in freedom apart from sin.
-Focus is on the word, not on the preservation of religion or denomination.
-Serve others including one's enemies.
-Pray for the lost
-Assemble together
-Work diligently
-For some obedience to the law is "good" and is joy filled. (not legalistic)
-Fasting and healthy food choices bring blessing.
-Give the gospel to the world.
-Brotherly Sisterly love, Husband cherish wives, Wives love husband.

-Live as you wish.
-Never skip a meal.
-Dress as you want.
-Mingle with whom ever you want in whatever way you want.
-Dress as you want.
-Tell lies.  Support liars including those in professional positions.
-Seek ungodly counsel
-evangelize to get more church members
-Worship the pastor
-Drop children off at xyz
-Skip assembly
-Use and abuse govt'
-Love people's sin more than God's word
-Treat fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters with mockery and scorn (even the movements that strengthen such ties and roles).
-Legalistic towards their approach to the Bible.  Without unconditional love.

If there is a group or individual that fits into the bottom, then they are not true followers of Christ, they are self-driven.  They are following the "American Gospel" that is not the gospel.

If there is a group or individual that fits into the top list, then they are closer to the leading of the word, and followers of Jesus. They are following the "American Gospel" that is the gospel.
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