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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

10 simple ways to improve your life.

1. Read the book: "The Nature Fix" by Florence Williams.  Spend time in nature.

2. Read the bible daily.  It gives warmth, advice, guidance, wisdom and more to help you understand the positive and negative aspects of being "human"

3. Spend less time on a "phone."  A little time digesting some posts on facebook per day won't hammer your emotional intelligence, but much time on a phone/texting/googling will keep you away from inner peace.  Hence, do not "own" a smartphone.

4. Live more like the 1930's.  Buy a wringer.  Do laundry by hand.  Do dishes by hand.  Talk with people face to face.

5. Use the local library.  Read books that matter.

6. Teach your children practical life skills.  How to cook, clean, and be polite just to name a few.

7. Never allow your children to "own" themselves or their things.  Friendships with each other matters.  Self- belongs to creator.

8. Hope in eternity.  Visit people who are closer to death and cherish last moments.

9. Share gospel.  People still need to hear the truth.

10. Don't cater to gossips, liars and other people the bible warned about.
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