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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

First Passover Astronomy.

What did the heavens look like during the time of the first Passover?

Perhaps the events from passover symbolized many things which later developed into the Jewish Holiday event.

By using Qumran calendar date methods (new moon is the 14th day of Abib after Barley harvest).... A person can find the FIRST Passover event from astronomy study.

Notice how all seven visible moving lights (5 planets-sun-moon) (represent menorah), are visible at the noon hour.  This is image taken in 1440 BC (educated sources say this is first Passover time frame http://www.hope-of-israel.org/pharexod.htm).   This date is 25 Nisan 2321 in modern day Jewish calendar.   Also notice how the three planets Mars, Venus and Jupiter are all below the ram.....symbolizing the blood on the door posts perhaps....before the Passover.  Three great pyramids symbolize connection to Orion's belt.

Other sources say 1446 BC....but the planet Jupiter is below Virgo (Betulah).....maybe this symbolizes Virgin give birth to nation of Israel.

Furthermore using (http://www.rosettacalendar.com/).....the passover event falls on the third day of the week.....justifying the pattern that lead up to Christ on the cross.

???? This is actually in Question post???? and cannot be taken 100% literally.  The thing that is literal is that the three planets did plant themselves below the ram....in 1440 BC during the first new moon in barley harvest.
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