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Monday, April 10, 2017

Major and Minor Issues In Christianity

Major Issues:
-Bondages to Gambling, Drinking, Alcohol, Sexual Impurity, Eating Disorders, Drug Dependency Pharmaceutical or Other Type
-Definitions of Marriage which either causes stumbling or is completely contrary to scripture. (ie. divorce and remarriage)
-Born-Again and/or Repentance
-Creation teachings (Age of the earth is not mentioned in the scripture BUT age of NOAH is mentioned for example).
-Judaeo Values illustrated in Old Testament (for example: How were the Blind men supposed to be treated)
-Treatment of the poor in the church body and treatment of the widow in the church body.
-In some cases the type of bible used matters.
-Applicable social issues which are common crimes (sex trafficking, child marriage etc)
-Overall Character of a saved person
-Sermon on the mount issues, overcoming selfish living.
-Amount of time dedicated to study of scripture and prayer in the believer (not in the children though).
-Celebration of "Sabbath" can be an issue for some if they don't recognize that Jesus celebrated Sabbath too.
-Love or hatred in heart.  Scornful behavior or kind behaviour
-Interaction with Jewish people.....and other minority people too.  Christians are grafted if they are not Jewish.
-General modest appearance choices
-Entertainment choices for the ears and eyes.
-Handling of spouse.  The spouse may be a believer and/or unbeliever weak in faith.
-Holiday issues if it is KNOWN that the holiday is not biblical and/or idol worship.
-Conduct of single people (fornication and so forth is not allowed).  Conduct in betrothals or in areas of temptations.
-Men as leaders in the local church body.  Women can teach other women or young men, but not the entire church body.
-Accept entire scripture as truth.  Believe that the dead can be raised.
-Beginning of life issues and end of life issues.  Is there a heart beat?

Minor Issues (For some groups and people these can be major issues):
-Age of Jesus when he died.  Scripture doesn't tell us his age for everything, but scripture does tell us the age of other people. (Luke 23:3)
-Years of education attained.  A student is a student of the word even if he stopped education at age 12 except for skills.
-Fastings, methods of prayer, diet (if do not know biblical diet), ceremonial issues.
-Holiday issues.  Christians differ on holiday in different parts of the Globe
-Funeral methods and arrangements after death.
-Knowing Hebrew Language
-Saying Yahweh/Yeshua/Messiah/Jesus/Yahova etc.
-Management of time.  Some are given the gift to frequently share gospel with others, still others are left to entertain children.
-Minor marriage issues.  Conversations with others outside the marriage.  Handling brotherly and sisterly love.  Practice of polygyny and certain types of polyamoury.
-The conduct of a spouse.  If the spouse is currently not a believer the other spouse is not under the same bondage, though it can affect the faithful spouse.
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