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Monday, April 17, 2017

Free/Low Cost College Ideas: "Remnant Education"

Click on the link to the right entitled "Remnant Education" to learn more.....

The book contains the following information:

-Tips for obtaining a debt free post-secondary education.

-Ideas to help avoid moral compromise from a college degree and campus life.

-Save thousands of dollars a year and choose to be an "independent student"

Here is a little piece from the book:

"9. Math, Accounting, Economics

There is a good way to use math, accounting and economics.  And there is an evil way to use math, accounting and economics.  When we who follow the Lord and follow bible teachings understand the difference between the good and the evil, we will be less drawn to that which is evil.  Math can be used to prepare land for a garden.  Math may also be used to justify that a certain vaccine is "working" while in most cases it is failing the human life.  Distorted statistics, skews man's understanding of how to survive as it is flavored with political agendas.  Godliness with contentment is great gain.  Being content with what we already have, is of great value.  Being discontent, says we are not aware of the evil in our hearts that can brew.  Use math, accounting and economics to be content.  A woman should be content with the number of children she has been given and the possibility for many children by the LORD, especially if she has not been enslaved by a government or other force which take the child away from her.

Many people do not like math.  However, without math we would not know that smoking causes certain diseases.  We would not know what time the sun rises and how the universe functions.  We would not want to count how many verses of the bible we have memorized or how many times we have covered those verses.  Learning math can be difficult for some people.  Because of this, it is best to focus on basic math.  Basic math involves these math functions: numeration (counting), addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.  These are the basic functions of all math.  There is a way to develop more godly understanding of math.  Look through the bible and find cases were math is mentioned.  Numbers 0-12 have mentioning in the scripture!  Find verses relating to "nothing."  Find verses relating to "one."  Continue on up to 12.  Even find verses that mention a multiple of another number.  For example, if a bible verse mentions "25 cubits,"  one can reduce the number to be a multiple of "5."  Finding these biblical patterns helps our understanding of math from a godly perspective.  Furthermore, look into nature as well.  Find things in nature that represent 0-12.  How many petals are on a flower?  How many veins are positioned on a leaf?  How many legs are on a critter?  Such patterns in nature are all around us and will not leave us as long as we are on this earth.  Certainly, one may dive into deeper mathematical principles such as the Fibonacci formula which revolves around the number "seven" and as God finished his work in "seven days."  Furthermore, God himself chose Jesus to be born into a family that was simply a carpenter's family.  So look deeply into these things.  Not only that, but Noah definitely had some superior engineering skills to build such an ark.  Perhaps a good name for a math class with biblical foundations could be "Vector Calculus in Agreement to the Book of Genesis."

To make note of the changes and alterations to scripture as Satan himself has tried to manipulate, one will need a good solid understanding of mathematics and reasoning.  Knowing the biblical mathematical construction will help greatly.  In the KJV English bible, one will find repetitions of certain sounds, vs. elimination of other sounds.  "Sc" sound is only mentioned a certain number of times in the bible and each time it will be only a certain set of words with "sc" sound.  It will not include all the "sc" sounding words in the English language.  Also, the Qumran calendar was hidden for many centuries.  No one can establish the understanding that scripture is in fact for yesterday, today and tomorrow, because man cannot understand how the bible calendar works accordingly as answered in Genesis.  Planets, stars, moon phases and patterns of the moon all account to the glory of God and redemption through Christ alone.  To study these things, consider resources by Gail Riplinger, www.sonlighteducation.com and www.kingscalendar.com by R.P. Ben BenDedeck."
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