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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Problems with ELCA

I grew up mostly in this denomination..... though I had influence from anabaptist and other types of things.  I was a part of their summer camps and college.   The intellectual challenges in college were sufficient for a challenging college.   I made some friends through this denomination.  But among those 'friends' there were the 'mockers'....... these are the types that 'mock' everything and they have no scripture knowledge or biblical definitions to determine that this is wrong.

Unfortunately, this denomination favors 'man made reason' over the solid word of God for support.  If you or a friend are in this denomination you can a. encourage them to get the local church to change the Lutheran denomination to another more scriptural supportive Lutheran denomination.   People need the scripture to learn how to interact with people in a godly way.  This can be between spouses, with elders, with children and more.  "man cannot live on bread alone' or b. Encourage the friend to attend a biblical based church that specifically studies bible in a deeper sense.  Examples may be Independent Fundamental Baptist,  Seventh Day Adventist,  Messianic, any born again type of group etc.

Here is a website that specifically points out problems of the ELCA....


I pray that friends who are a part of this denomination would consider more scriptural supportive way of life and fellowship.

Some of my ancestors that came to America as Norwegian immigrants helped start the ELCA church I grew up within.  They started it in a simple way, as people were close to the land and close to God in those days.   But because satan comes around, we need to reproove and correct bad doctrines and ideas.

You too can start up a simple home-church with this book.   You do not need to be supper talented, only willing.  http://raggedycottagegarden.blogspot.com/2016/05/bible-studies-and-reflections-book.html
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