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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

People who attempt to claim superiority to you and have limited reality.

A. People who have Christian knowledge but deny the power of the gospel.  Often they support the active involvement in mocking, scorning.  They will also cut you off when they do not like your comments.  Example: www.thewartburgwatch.com  Yes occasionally it correctly reports crimes, but many times it enhances criminal behaviours.

B. People who hate the bible or make the various claims that Christians are at fault for the various problems in our world.  Any problem from domestic problems to govt' problems.  They may appear wise with their atheistic wisdom, but they do not know the origin of Christian beliefs and how things get distorted via. Constantine and various false denominations.

C. People who are pro-abortion and slanderous towards disabled.  They will attempt to disable the disabled even more.

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