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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Making some charts for home education

Charts for home education.

Today I made some simple charts for home education organization.

Basically, it entails filling in basic blanks where information may be entered such as 'classic composer' of the week or month, 'plant or animal' study and so forth.  Its a simple method of helping to keep track of what was learned and what to focus on for the week.

Since we live in a small space, I put these charts on the inside of our cupboards rather than filling up a special home-school room.  Although I would love to have a home-school room, I know that it is not happening this year any time soon.

I will be using our 200 Day biblical classical curriculum 
If you are looking to start homeschooling and need a simple way to begin, feel free to use our curriculum.  It is very affordable.

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