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Friday, March 25, 2016

Transgender behaviours vs. christian behaviours

So an amish woman leads a bunch of horses around and lifts a heavy load of bales onto a heavy wagon, After that she gives birth to one new born boy and two hours later she is working in her garden.  Clearly she is doing a 'mans job' and behaving as if her 'feminine nature' is non existant.

Another case happens to be a man walks into a little girls restroom at an elementary school.  Community is in an uproar, and screaming for him to stay away from young girls.  News media is profiting off of more news articles.

The amish woman is considered praiseworthy 'christian', while the man who visits a little girls room is a sex predator, a pedophile, yet the holy bible itself says things about a 'nursing father'  What is the proper response?

1. Men and women are not entitled to other people's nakedness. Lev 18, psalm 81:12, and Matt 5:28

2. Brotherly and Sisterly love is christian.  Book of Ruth, Mary and Martha, David and Johnathan, holy kiss: 2 Corinthians 13:12

3. Men can behave as a 'nursing mother' and be a 'nursing father'  Yes, men have been known through psychological enticement to nurse babies.  Numbers 11:12, Is 49:23

4. A man who is effeminate is not saved.  A man who is  a fornicator is not saved.  1 cor 6:9

5. Women have and can do things that men do, but fornicators and whoredoms are not efficient or effective.   Judges 4-5, 2 Kings 9:22

6. Christ does not condemn the woman caught in adultery.  John 8, Proverbs 6:32

7. Sodomy or same-sex sexual relationships are ungodly and wickedness.  1 Kings 15:22

8. Men and women should not switch their clothing attire.  Cultures may differ on this issue, but there will still be ancient distinctions between the two.  Example: Native american men and women wear braids, but women clearly cannot grow a beard.  Deuteronomy 22:5

In conclusion.  Beware of putting 'the flesh' on a pedastal.  The flesh is not love.  Holy Spirit is not carnality.  
ROMANS 8:6  Memorize this verse, and let it be a reminder of our frailty before our creator.

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