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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Coordination with the Qumran calendar: Partial information

This is a simplified method of how to calculate what qumran calendar rotation number a person should use if they would like to calculate.  Currently the Qumran calendar rotation is 173 in the gregorian calendar date 2016.  The qumran calendar is set to begin year 0 when christ was on the cross in the year 31 gregorian calendar time.  So the calendar rotation number was '1' in the year 31.  These calculations are from www.thecreatorscalendar.com

That was 1985 years ago since christ was on the cross.  A thousand years are as 'one day' in God's eyes.   

How many days ago was christ on the cross?  Well we can also ask how many 'moons' ago was christ on the cross.

1461 days every four years.

metonic cycle consists of 19 years with 235 lunar phases.  235 lunar phases equals a moon will go through phases every 29.5306 days. so that there are 6939.69 total days in a metetonic cycle.  sorry its a bit off.    with only 29.5 being used, the calculation is several days off.  6932.5 days.  this DOES show up as miscalculations.

lets multiply four years cycle into the metonic cycle.  this will give us numbers of days to coordinate with.

Every 76 years there will be 27,759 days by leap year inclusions.  27,758.76 days by metetonic calculations.  So only a part of a day off.  not bad.

 In the qumran calendar there are 3.86842, 76 year rotations.  So what rotation would we use if we want our current moon cycle to match AD 31 putting Christ on the cross?  He would have to have been on the cross in cycle ONE to have an eclipse and make scripture accurate.
Link to calendar Signs is located here. 

1985/76 equals 26.118 'seventy six' year cycles.

26*27758.76 = total number of days minus the additional .118 'seventy six' year cycles  total is 721,727.76 days.

every year in qumran calendar that is not leap year has 354 days.  Every seven years is a leap year where seven days are added to the beginning of the year.  361 days in leap years.  So there is 2124 total days every six years that are not leap years.  Every 'twenty eight' years the gregorian calendar has the same number of days as the qumran calendar.  10,227 days in a 'twenty eight' year rotation.

take total number of days of metetonic cycle days.   divide by the number of twentyeight year cycle days.
  total is 70.57   so that would be there are 70.57 twenty eight year rotations.

that is 28*70.57 equals 1976.  remember how originally the number of years between 0031 and 2016 is 1985..... well because of metetonic calculations and the use of days.....the numbers change.

6.75 qumran calendar fulfillmetns between 1975 years.

subrtact the whole numbers......

.75 years into the qumran calendar current rotation.  that gives us 294*.75 equals 220.5.....

ummm never mind 48 years off from original calculations.

Qumran calendar cycles completed for 1985 years equals 1985/294

additional .7517.  one could go ahead with assuming 220.5   but really that doesn't coordinate with the moon.

metetonic cycles coordinating with each other 133 years 

588 is total of twentyeight year cycles that repeated themselves.  and completed two calendric signs.

That is three two calendric double cycles repeated themselves..... plus .37585 additional somethings to determine calendar cycle year....

10227*588 equals number of days in two calendric signs cycles. 6,013,476

.7517 is number of days into a calendric cycle.
3,006,738 is total number of days in calendric cycle.

2,260,164/ 10227 equals 221.....

588 years means there are twenty one, 'twenty eight' year cycles.   so there is a total of 10227 days in 28 years.

10227*21 is the total number of days in two calendric cycles.  21*10227 equal's 
214, 767 days.

.37585*214767 equals total number of days into the celendric sign.

8068.372 is total number of days into the calendric signs

8068.372/10227 equals .7889  multiplied by 28 equals about 23      add 150 equals 173

ummm ok in summary....

calculate 'days'

multiply and divide.....untill what you do is add 150....for some reason...... ok...


ok the easiest way is just to first calculate the number of years between this year or current year desired and the year 31 ad when christ was on the cross as that would be year 1.

Every 532 years the metetonic cycle repeats enough times within the 'twenty eight year' repetition pattern of leap years, that the number of days can be translated.....easily.

route one: (number of years between)/ 294(this is number yrs in calendric sign) = whole number(wncs) . decimal value.

wncs *294 (number yrs in calendric sign) =total yrs covered (tyc)

(number of years between) - (tyc) = ***year in calendric sign**

This year 2015-31= 1985

1985 / 294 = 6.???
6*294= 1764

1985-1764 = 221

One can calculate by metetonic cycles too..... use the division of 532 and go from there.  then incorporate the remaining years by lunar cycles.

or put it this way..... 3791 would be the equivalent year that christ was on the cross in hebrew calendar.

 subtract and calculate from there.  Though beware......early dates may be inaccurate.

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