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Saturday, February 13, 2016

your life....is it right or is it overcorrected?

There are actually four categories of women as far as pregnancy is concerned.  A woman can not be 'choose life' and 'choose death'. such a 'choice' doesn't even exist.  if there is any option outside of the term 'death' you must be a demon and believe demons can live forever or something else absolutely bizarre.

Rather we need to look at the two categories within 'pro-life' and the two categories within 'pro-choice'

First pro-life women can be poor or rich, it doesn't matter.  She could live in a tent and have fifteen children or she could live in a mansion and have three children.  The income variability doesn't matter.

Category one of pro-life women say every women should live like I live and worship the way I worship.  People who do xyz are absolutely destined to ruin themselves and furthermore they were never 'christian' to begin with.  Basically they will come up with excuses for other women's failings when they won't seek out the truth of another woman's life.  She may be a woman who loves alcohol, or she may be a woman who loves sleeping with multiple men, to bring children to this world by different partners.  Who knows what the case may be, but her issue is that she is too quick to judge.

Category two of pro-life women is basically considered to be too slow to jump into religious default lines.  She has knowledge of herbal remedy, and basically knows how to handle her own midwifery.  She would never abort a beating heartbeat, but she does know what it means to terminate a pregnancy and why it is neccesary to save the life of a woman only in emergency.

Category three of pro-choice women is basically a woman who understands that pregnancy termination is a part of life.  Still borns can come at any time to any healthy woman.  She does not consult the pharmacy if she feels she is not interested in keeping her unborn, rather she consults an elderly friend to raise her children for her. She is not manipulated by believing a disabled women needs to carry a child to term if her body is simply too weak.  Down syndrome unborn children are not bad in her eyes, they are a part of establishing justice and oeace on earth.  She understands that poor women can homebirth around the world and may loose their premie, but that is a part of human life, and that is ok to avoid so much medical technology.

Category four of pro-choice women is a sloppy woman.  she scorns, she mocks, she hate 'pro-life' women and thinks they are all religious stuck-ups, perhaps even all 'republican' ir some other conservative group.  she believes that sharia law is good for 'woman's rights' and has not self-control.  She made the sun and the mon and the stars after all so aborting a disabled child has potential for life is her pride and joy oart of her murderous promotion in life.  Birthcontrol pills laced with pharmaceutical hormones filling up water ways, are her favorite past time..... untill her pharmacy weapon against himanity fails...... and then its the d*** pro-life woman's fault shes forced to raise her little 'brat'......

notice both pro-life women and pro-choice women can become 'reprobate' and malice controled.

 By the mockery and scorn comments...... I can venture to guess what category some women place themselves.  Some simply show their fruiits of desire for 'hell'
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