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Friday, February 12, 2016

The reprobate mind of pro-choice women.

Extreme Pro-choice women show they have their reprobate minds in this scenario:

A wise woman keeps her door shut if she doesn't want burglars in her home.  A foolish women says, come on in.

A wise women keeps her door shut if she knows she cannot handle a downsyndrome child in her home for a day.  The pressure is too extreme.

The foolish woman says, I want to kill you even though I had my door open for you to come in.

A wise woman knows an ill man has entered her home.  She allows him to stay, until she feels he has died and his

infection has started to spread to others in the house.  She must "terminate" such a man in order to restore her health.

So reprobate pro-choice women, explain why you kill "jesus" every time a human life comes into your womb.  Why does doing so make you good and wise?

Or does it just proove women are foolish especially the ones who well, reject the best friend they will ever have, JESUS.

The doors of the heart, and the womb seem to be connected by divine principle, but foolish women do not admit this.

Now I admit, I STILL have work to do in my "home" so I cannot speak for all pro-choice women or all pro-life women.  When the reprobate, scornfilled
comments come after a pro-life woman has warned that women to keep her "demons" in control and out of the house, its nonsense, to play the "blame game"
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