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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wicked Homeschool Rebels

Occasionally, there will be a 'homeschool' drop out. A group of them has formed a blog specifically targeting their 'abuses' or 'strict parents.'  Now statistics show that home educated children score higher on many areas, like intelligence, marriage stability after married, emotional stability, community participation after graduation and more areas of positive nature.  Even the drug and alcohol culture is lower among those who graduated from homeschool environments and moral integrity was maintained.  However, like all educational systems, there are those 'spots of impurity'.  The home educated students claim that their parents were a part of a patriarchy movement or other 'cult' of sorts.  However, these moaners and whiners have no indication of being saved and loving scripture.  Not one drop of love for Jesus.  Did the parents do something wrong to produce such wicked children that come away from home education only to hate their parents and their moral values?  What was the mother's sin.   Did she fail to submit to her husband?  Was her husband abusive to her?  Did they choose evil friends who loved pornography and lust for the movie theatre?

The stories may vary.  But all in  the pattern is the same.  NO REPENTANCE.  Should parents choose to submit to the roman public school system or even private school systems because of this condition of rebellion and wickedness? No , rather home education parenting other concerned citizens in the community would do best to keep a listening ear and close observations of severely violent or major depression symptoms in the child.  More than likely the children need gospel learn forgiveness of the offenders to 'knock' the demons' out of their spirit.
  And as the Amish have done for several years as well as first century believers, SHUN, those who practice wicked works in order to save their soul from hell fire.  Only speak to those of wicked works in public places or do not speak to them at all.


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