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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The public school 10 commandments.......

So the other side of the coin would be the public-private schools method of socializing:
1. Though shalt lust after 10 different male companions during one’s time in public school system.
2. Thou salt take the guardasil vaccine and die at a young age because male sexual impurity cannot be controlled by religious forces.
3. Thou salt wear short skirts in the summer and low tops in the winter, to attract perverted males and females.
4. Though must think thoughts like an ape because thou art evolved from a turkey when choosing dating companions.
5. Thou must hear of at least one teenage suicide because of partner breakup before leaving for college graduation.
6. Thou must hate the old widow that gave birth to 10 children and ensure that the public school system has robbed her of property rights before the croak stops ticking.
7. Thou must maintain at least 40, 000 $ in college debt off of a degree that produces no career or enjoyable life.
8. Thou must contract an STD and pass it on the one’s children. (do research on STD rates in USA since the hippies)
9. Thou must attend at least one homosexual pride event and hate all bible believers before leaving the school system.
10. Victoria’s secret must ONLY be worn by unmarried teenagers. Never by a married woman with 15 children.

Tell me again, who made the human body??? Was it a a. mother, b. an ape, c. a robin or D. god E. Native American alien immigrant savages…….
What method of socializing do you prefer again? what guide book do you like to use daily in one’s life again????
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