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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Duct Tape Marriage Liscense Test

There are some interesting ungodly marriages floating around in the atmosphere.  Some are sodomite marriages, some are divorce and remarriage, some are polygamous.....  who knows what it is..... but is there a way to test if these marriages have love in them or not?

Yes, there is a way to test this condition.  First, both parties before getting married can do a duct tape test.  It is like pretending there was a tragic accident and one of the partners was victim to tragic accident that causes loss in access to sexual activity.  Duct tape is worn for a whole MONTH around the belly and the other partner is told they may not touch below that area or the other partner will die.  The car accident victim writes down each time error occurred and the other partner gave in to the temptation to do harm to the car accident victim.

Its a simple test.

The other test would be when the partners are around each other for a whole month they must wear duct tape over the mouth and cheeks to show there was damage to outward appearance because of this 'tragic car accident'.  If the other partner does not love the other person because of changes in outward appearance, then the love is not real.  Each time the partner (or his friends and family) reacts unusually or abusively the victim writes down those instances.

These are simple tests a marriage license provider provides to prevent unwanted abuse and disharmony in marriage.  The marriage license provider will encourage not telling the prospective marriage persons that this is being tested.
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