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Friday, March 27, 2015

Christian Business Ownership in the days of faulty Judgement

Ok, a man marries a wife.  The man has faulty judgment on how best to care for his wife n' children.  He feeds the wife and  children potato chips every day for lunch and lets the children sit in front of TV every day, never going out side to rake leaves for the neighbor.  Should the wife cuddly bow down to the low nature of this husband of hers or continue on with ridicule of him and his behavior?  Or should she praise him for his good qualities and behaviors as he has wonderful talent to create beautiful music?

In the story of the bible Cain killed Able.  Did Cain have access to a gun to remove the spirit of this brother from the earth?  Answer: No.  He had access to a log, stick or some other rock as a means to remove the spirit of another man.  Because God created this faulty character named 'Cain' and the object used to murder, who kills able, should we see that God is suddenly bad for creating such a vicious man?   Answer: No that would be faulty logic.

Today, we have people claiming they have a 'right' to behave in a certain way when it comes to sodomite marriages.

Now if people did their own faulty thing and left other alone there would be no problem what so ever.  Apparently these folks are not alone in their battle with sin.  God sees it and he wants people to repent of their sin, or we wouldn't hear about the troubles that brew.  They partake in the mockery of taking others down with them in their sin marriages.  If others do not wish to participate in their marriages they take it to the courts and sue any who don't support the making of their terrorism weapons of mass destruction of business ownership.  The innocent victims not wanting to partake in ungodly activities are labeled as discriminatory..... when the truth is that the solution to this problem is found for one dollar at the dollar store and daily reading of it.  read the special word: REPENT.  end of story.

What should business owners or people of like-minded godliness protect them selves from their own sibling's decisions to boast about his or her 'sexual impurity' or 'alcoholism' practices?  Answer: inform directly before business purchases that you do not partake in any damages to spiritual condition of others for personal choices to conceive ungodly behaviors in likeness and action. 

A simple sign near the check out or on the front door could read: ' All are welcome to liberally purchase in this store.  However, owners of this store are not responsible to partake in purchaser's ungodly or unnatural activity to the best discernment of the owners.  Foundational definitions according to the KJV 'holy bible' and USA constitutional standards.  Unrespectful persons of dishonest nature will be asked to leave property until repentance and change of heart has taken place.

Possible ungodly or unnatural behaviors or actions that will receive no 'assistance' from the owners include any of the following: gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse, psychological abuse or industry, alcoholic party, gluttony, sexual impurity practices including abortion practices, lasciviousness,  homosexuality, pornography practices, loud hatred music, tattooing or skin distortions, paid spiritual counselors, war, anti-Semitism, certain holiday festivities and or practices, certain wedding practices, movie or gaming idolatry, workaholics, parental hatred, authority hatred, dishonesty, promotions of ungodly books or literature, stealing, murdering, idolatry, witchcraft, adultery, coveting, emulations, strife, anger.... hope that covers the majority of the issues at hand.

You as a customer may have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, to purchase anything that helps meet needs for food, shelter, clothing, social, educational, cultural, truth centered, service of others daily, weekly, monthly and yearly needs.  PLEASE ENJOY YOUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!
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