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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

escaping patriarchy doesn't exist......

Ok if you live in the USA you have heard about the Duggar family who had super size family with political tradeoffs.  The thing is that some women were a part of the 'movement' by paying money and partaking in the drink of the various ministries they used to produce super size family with powerful antioxidants to disagreement and tension. 

Now the people who escape 'patriarchy' actually are escaping the ministries themselves and are trying to throw tocks at the waitresses and waiters claiming that any family that produces more than 10 children have been brain bamboozled by the same drinks that the Duggar family drank.  It does no good to 'complain' about patriarchy.  Its been around since the tower of Babel perhaps even before that time.   Move over into Babylon and one will find random disorganized sexuality even more so.

The issue is this. Each woman is accountable to her own body.  she can purposefully deduce that she dislikes Christ, the bible and overall submission to a man is a game plan of religious bigots.  OR she can deduce that she loves the scripture and the bible which costs one dollar at the dollar store.  Go through a research process of natural remedies the women use in midwifery and BOOM! Baby alive deepspote persecutions and hatreds of human heart beats.

All in all there is no ESCAPE of patriarchy movement or conditions.  returning to Babylon (hippie movements, painful divorce movements) gives women a healthy dose of STD's and earlier death with lack of a lover.  Only the foolish woman can reproduce balaams stigma over and over again not noticing that her heart and life have always depended on Christ.   She only need to acknowledge such.
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