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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A purpose to dedicate in being homemaker

It is apparent that some women reject the Titus 2 dialogue for women to be keepers at home.  This is not given to be domineering over women but to show her true colors and nature.  Women by design function better even in bedroom relationship when they are not pressured by outside work environments.  Also, when a women are dedicated to love of Holy Bible, the outside work environments do not seem as appealing any longer.  Now I venture that many women have not started out their own households on a secure foundation as they have been misled by public schools or freely floating magazines portraying philic, culture without instruction to love God's word and stay away from such material.  When women are not functioning in home life effectively it is because she does not imagine many tasks that are enjoyable in her own environment or even in the natural community.  Enjoyable tasks of hanging the Landry, baking a cake, identification of pine trees, making of homemade baskets with her children, recycling of various materials into various crafts, reading of quality literature (enjoying scripture first) and so on.  If she could sense the love of God, she would not feel comfortable pursuing heavy career load in worldly environments.  She would distaste scorning of men, husband and sons.
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