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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Connections......Internet views of hand written articles.....

I posted a few articles yesterday. Some I thought were pretty thoughtful and really get people to think. One was about whether or not the founders of the United States were really truly Christian and in many evidences the answer was a clear no. Here's the link: www.bubblews.com/news/1548305-christian-martyrs-on-the-united-states-a-religiously-free-nation (no longer exists its on blogger now). Another article I posted yesterday was about properly training children as is very confusing in our nation and world: www.bubblews.com/news/1546053-proper-child-training (no longer exists its on blogger now). Further, my article about the Truth in Nutrition as it is actually so sacred is found here: www.bubblews.com/news/1544162-tricky-nutrition-the-truth-to-your-perfect-health (no longer exists its on blogger now). This article exposes that we MUST do more to enhance our nutrition and not really put full trust in our govt' to help us keep good health. We must be a thinking people who trust God's design for properly providing the right food and nutrition. I hope you read those articles and I really encourage you to do so as well!

So since I wrote those articles yesterday I noticed a few added connections and a few more likes and a few more comments. That is great. I was sleeping and didn't really need to work that hard ;) I'm happy about that. I believe a lot of the success had to do with making comments on other people's articles and liking other people's articles. That builds up the success to say the least. However, after reading through some of my articles I noticed some grammatical errors. That could be in part to my poor functioning keyboard and another part to me working on articles while I really need to give attention to my children.

OK. I hope you have a good day and happy typing new ideas for all of us to hear.

Do you like to post articles that get people to think differently?

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