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Friday, January 31, 2014

Choose life: Yet Nature has its ways. Miscarraige, Stillbirth

"Anyhow, if you are a woman and have had a +Miscarriage or sign of no fetal heart tones, you do NOT have to depend on medical "professionals" to cure this. Although I do credit the professional with much exposure to women who have lost the +Fetal-heart-tones and have pregnancy problems, I know that ALL women can gain knowledge necessary to build and sustain life and correct its problems as necessary in a financially reasonable and private method. Follow this ladder for the best therapy and financially affordable healthcare: Lifestyle/Nutritional changes, Botanical Herbal Medicine, Low-toxicity Pharmaceuticals, "big gun" high toxic pharmaceutical, Surgical Intervention

Here are some common problems that occur in the Maternity Department and the at home non-pharmaceutical solution:

signs and symptoms: Before 3 months after missed monthly friend, bleeding occurs. Possible cramping. No fetal heart tones with electronic fetoscope.

A miscarriage can be assisted to +Induce and let go of contents with an herbal +Therapy of Vitamin C and parsley."

To read more click here: http://www.bubblews.com/news/2207064-choose-life-yet-nature-has-its-ways-miscarraige-stillbirth

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