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Saturday, December 14, 2013

To reverse the letters of DEATH that are written AGAINST US.

"and said,if it please the king, and it I have found favour in his sight, and the thing seem right before the king, and I be pleasing in his eyes, let it be written to reverse the letters devised by Haman the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, which he wrote to destroy the Jews which are in all the king's provinces."

Are you are woman married to a man who is "pegan" in nature. Maybe he seems idolatrous and constantly playing football games or video games. Perhaps it seems he does you harm. Perhaps you were pure and innocent until you were married. God never changes and neither do men. God asks us to follow him and not the ways of man.

In the verse above we are reminded of the basic desire in human lust towards anti-semitism. It is an awful thing and even some churches in the United States of America practice such fifth and pretend as if it doesn't exist. Guess what, it does as Satan is continuing to cover up the truth of Christ who came and died for all of us.

If you are a woman you would be wise in this regard and fully study scripture alone on this matter if you happen to be married to an "unjust or unmerciful man". As we can see in the verse above Esther did her best to please the king. She said, "if it please the king and I have found favour in his sight." No where did Esther say if he....meaning the husband..... would please me. A wise woman would desire no favor towards her selfish ways.

Esther also says, "I be pleasing in his eyes". She does not say if I be pleasing in mine own eyes. She didn't claim her rights to feminist victory by saying, I'm going to go and put on a man's work uniform and demand that the men pay me for doing the same amount of work as them. She never did say that ever. She said she wanted to be pleasing in HIS eyes. She wanted to look beautiful and lucious for her man no matter what it took.

She also did not seek to nag or condemn her man. She never claimed that she was a "victorious woman" and that he was a lazy lustful man or something of that nature. She never did that. Instead she proclaimed truth! She proclaimed that there was another man that was devising a plan to destroy her and her family and her people!

Are you a woman living in a lie that believes that men don't do this even today? Hello! They still do this today and even in the "free" religious country of the United States of America! There are married couples who need to recognize that in order to overcome the lies of humanity that destroy us all we women NEED to stand up for truth in the face of the enemy. We do not need to condemn our men. We do not need to claim victory over them for being lazy, lustful, bossy or of other horrible male characteristics. Nor do we need to condemn their mothers (the horrible MIL) for lacking in the skills to raise their son's properly. We do not need to claim victory over the abortion problem by blaming the men. We need only stand for truth and justice in the face of its ugly reality of all the weeds that exist in our own human character.

Instead we women need to be Esthers. We need to be PURE as she was pure and didn't jump from man to man willfully. We women need to be pleasing to our husbands and not cutting our hair to look manly or masking it in some religious or careerism garble. We women need to be right be fore our husbands and not in the place of wrong. If our facts don't line up and we truly are irresponsible and selfish then we can only come back to our place of indignant need of repair. We women need to be pleasing in our husband's eyes not in the man or religious group next door's eyes. In our husband's eyes. If he wants us to wear a muslim scarf or if he wants us to wear a cape dress then do so. If he wants us to wear a fashionable modest dress from Good Will then do so regularly.

Now when we as women do things as Esther did and are RIGHT in HIS (our husband's) eyes and not in our own as we deserve no favor in this life the letters written against us as written by Satan him self are reversed. We need the supply of Christ to defend us in victory. That may mean as women you will need to seek into very affordable unassisted birth as no husband wants to go into debt slavery for a hospital bill simply so you can contribute more to his case of debt. That may mean we will have to give up on putting our name on the career success list. That may mean you will get your name trashed by your husband. That may mean your family that raised you and that you love and cherish so much will end up hating or rejecting you for the sake of rescuing your husband from his crimes.

I don't know about you but I would rather stand at the judgment seat in favor than in disfavor of our creator and redeemer.

The tides turn feminist women and now its time to stand for what is right in HIS eyes and HIS eyes alone.

We need these letters of death written against us to be reversed and it is up to you women to decide to make the path right.

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