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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Suddan Suffering

Sudan is in the middle of a crisis and Christians are bearing the worst of the suffering," said Cole, VOM's Vice President for International Ministries. "The Sudanese people are afflicted with both poverty and the ongoing war. Sudan's president is carrying out what amounts to genocide against the black-skinned people of the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain regions. And the Christians have added suffering on top of this because of their religion.

This outbreak of violence in South Kordofan state has added to the 2.4 million displaced people in the country, and many have fled to South Sudan. VOM is helping address some of the needs of 190,000 refugees in two camps in South Sudan. In one of the camps, most of the refugees are Muslim, coming from the Nuba Mountain region, which is about 70 percent Muslim. The displacement and the bombings from the northern government are having an unexpected positive effect -- creating a new openness for Christians to share their faith.

Portion is taken from pg. 8 The Voice of the Martyrs Serving the Persecuted Church May 2013

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