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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Faith Propels Good Works

Picture in your mind a boat with a man and two oars. On both of the oars there consists of Faith on either side of the row boat. Inside of the boat is the aspect of works.

In this illustration, we see faith is what moves good works. What good would a pair of oars (faith) be without something for them to do? And how far would a rowboat go without any oars to move it? By this we can see that rowboats and oars are complementary, and in fact almost inseparable.
So it is with faith and good works. When faith is alive and well and moving, action and movement is produced, just as oars that are moving produce action and movement of the boat. They do not fight against each other: they are very complimentary.
[portion from The Heartbeat of the Remnant Vol 15 Number 3]

In other words, when we apply scripture to our lives by faith we come out with good works. It is not necessary to justify the sin nature any longer, we only need to row our boat and do exactly as scripture says to see and feel how God's grace is there for us despite our desire to give into our sin nature of lust, pornography, gambling, drunkenness and more. We need only die to ourselves and let Christ take over the boat and lead us to the end. If the enemy chooses to take our lives for our faith in him, so be it as God is our God.
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