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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Physicians desk reference being an informed healthy citizen

If you find an old Physicians Desk Reference at a used book supply.....pick it up. It will do your body good.

Here are some portions I recently read from the Trivora (a birthcontrol hormone treatment) portion of the book:

"Dose related risk of vascular disease from oral contraceptive
A positive association has been observed between the amount of estrogen and progesteogen in oral contraceptives and the risk of vascular dissease. A decline in serum high-density lipoproteins (HDL) has been reported with many progestational agents. A decline in serum high density lipoproteins has been associated with an increased incidence of ischemic heart disease. because estrogens increase HDL cholesterol, the net effect of and oral contraceptive depends on a balance achieved between doses of estrogen and progestogen and the nature and absolute amount of progestogens used in the contraceptives. ......

Persistence of risk of vascular disease.
There are three studies which have shown persistence of risk of vascular disease of ever-users of oral contraceptives. In a study in the United States, the risk developing myocardial infarction after discontinuing oral contraceptives persists for at least 9 years for women 40-49 years of age who have used oral contraceptives for 5 years or more. but this risk was not demonstrated in other age groups. In another study in Great britan, the risk of developing cerebrovascular disease persisted for at least 6 years after discontinuation of oral contraceptives, although risk was very small. There is a significantly increased relative risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage after termination of use of oral contraceptives......." Physicians Desk Reference 2001

If these things frighten you and you have tried the hormonal methods, Natural Family Planning and similar methods work and have been used for thousands of years.

I would encourage any woman to think actively about the hormones she is putting in her body these, hormones may have a light effect while alive but they can have a devastating effect generations from now.

Please consider wisely before trusting a medical professional or seeking any medical advice. Especially one who is not knowledgeable of scriptural benefits.

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