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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Over Come That Old Idle Time

Do you have an issue with finding your self in "idle" time only later to discover that you have forgotten to do so many things! Oh do I ever find my self in that position, and it ANNOYS me a lot. In fact sitting in idle time is like letting the old devil come in an create monsters in my imagination and heart so that I grumble and complain about all the problems in life.......and THAT is NOT what God wants from his people AT ALL.

Read the few verses below to see what I mean.

And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not. I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. For some are already turned aside after Satan.
(1Ti 5:13-15)

Do you know a woman who spends her idle time wandering about setting up trouble?? Are you that woman?? If you are, you must stop, before trouble brews to the brim in your own home and in society. We can see the effects of this in our communities as people do not "trust" their neighbors like they did 100 years ago before world war 1 and world war 2 and all the other various wars of the past century. Not only that, but the lingering effects of men and woman who have turned to violent behaviors and shooting to resolve their own problems of a defiled mind (Aurora movie theater incident for example)

Of course there are times where I love to just stare up at the leaves blowing in the breeze while time floats by, but when I am sitting and complaining about something in my life that is not going right, I am setting myself up for trouble.

So what do we do to AVOID idle time????

1. Make sure you have a walking talking relationship with Christ.
2. Recognize that the nature of humanity is bent on choosing "evil" and destruction of other human beings in their imagination from the get-go. Cut those imaginations off in your mind and fill-them with ideas for love and blessing of others instead.
3. Use the bible to create GODLY ideas and prayers for your future and your children's future and your children's children's future. (example: read the book of proverbs and try to meet UP TO the standards laid out in front)
4. Submit to your husband. He will have ideas for things you can do and things to "fetch" Work for your husband with a smile and you will be the most happy employee on the block.
5. Plan ahead. To-Do lists with lots of things to do to grow happiness and grace in your family will do wonders. Plan a reading times and craft times, special recipe times as a family etc.
6. Learn and do many new skills. Have a knitting project handy when your children want to go to the park. Try caligraphy, fishing and more.
7. AVOID all websites and people that stir up anger in your spirit. Cut-them off completely. If it feels like you are only around your husband and children and maybe a neighbor or two.....that is OK. If we have a relationship with Christ, we are fine. We don't need to worry and "know" everyone in our community of 300. God knows them, so that is in God's control.
8. TRUST that God's word is true when he says he will provide food for you as he provides for the lilly of the valley......
9. Pick up ideas from books like 365 TV free Activities

10. Keep a notebook by your side. If you wear clothing without pockets, were an apron with pockets and keep notebook and pen handy to write down ideas and activities at all times and in all places.
11. Practice and study various ways to keep your life frugal. Creativity keeps you out of the dwelling place of feeling you "need" money instead of being content with what is available right before your eyes.
12. Study the lifestyles of those who lived before the invention of electrical appliances. They kept busy in so many alternative ways than we could even imagine.
13. Set up exciting goals for your self and family the "[verb] [number] [what] per [time frame] by the [end time]" method of creating goals. For example using the formula above a few goals may be "[memorize] [8 lines] [psalms] per [week] by the [end of 2012]" or another may be "[paint] [1 8 X 12] [painting] per [week] by the [end of 2014]" or another may be "[try] [one] [new recipe] per [week] by the [end of one year]"

Create that fun and exciting goal calendar and see what happens ;)

Those are a few ideas, I hope they help!
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