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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

GMO's vs God's word and God's love

Deu 22:9 Thou shalt not sow thy vineyard with divers seeds: lest the fruit of thy seed which thou hast sown, and the fruit of thy vineyard, be defiled.

Unless you live in the 1930's or live in a 3rd world country with little access to food you will notice that we live in a country that sells GMO's. A lot of our food supply is provided through GMO crops. In fact, much of the products you eat on a regular basis is taken from GMO products. However, there is a difference between hybridization and the process of GMO. Much of the GMO products are that way because the farmers "need" the genetic changes to add chemicals like herbicide, fungicide or other preventative chemicals to the fields. Unless you live entirely in the city, it is likely that you may have heard the term "round-up ready" soybeans or other terms of that nature.

In hybridization, the genetics of the crop are not changed. Its kind of like putting a crop of extra-sweet sweet corn right next to a crop of semi-sweet sweet corn and ending up with a crop of extra-semi sweet sweet corn with a variation of colorful kernels in the sweet corn. The process of change was entirely NATURAL in nature and not influenced by human endeavor. Hybridization has been going on for centuries. I am sure many gardeners are familiar with the term "hybrid tomatoes"

On the other hand GMO products are a dangerous product that infects not only human health but animal health as well. The process of change in the plant is done by MAN-MADE means and more specifically God himself, the creator of the universe, knew that this process was wrong and specifically forbid such practices in his law in Deuteronomy 22:9. Both Christians and non-Christians have caught up to the fact that GMO's are inherently dangerous and are not good for consumption. In fact children with variant forms of autism have been healed simply because they stop eating GMO food products.

Here are a few articles about the tested effects off GMO food products.

So what may a person do to prevent eating or consuming GMO products?
1. READ labels carefully when going to the grocery store. You may even call the company your self if you are curious.
2. STOP buying products that you KNOW are produced by GMO additives either directly or indirectly. (indirectly would be a cow that consumed round-up ready soybeans)
3. Buy all-natural and organic products in bulk. If you need to save enough money to buy more organic or non-GMO products, then cut out on other costs like costs for cable, netflix or other unnecessary forms of entertainment.
4. PLAN ahead. Write menu's that specifically include non-GMO products.
5. Plant seeds at home in your garden that are not GMO seeds and start producing your own garden and further seeds for more generations. www.seedsavers.com is a great place to start.

All-in-all as Christians we are NOT GUILTY if we consume a GMO product especially if we do so UNKNOWINGLY. For example, your mother invites you over for a potluck and other family will be there and they will-fully bring GMO products to the table because they believe it is the best there is while you are witnessing or showing them proper Christian behavior. Christians are also NOT GUILTY if they are NOT in a financial means to receive or provide organic, non-GMO products or grow those products themselves.

However, a Christian who claims Christ as savior and yet grows GMO products IS guilty, especially if they KNOW the verse Deut. 22:9. They are guilty if they willfully promote the SALE of GMO products and they KNOW the law of God.

God's laws are designed to protect not only people and society as a whole, but ALSO to protect the environment in which food is grown. If that were not so, humans could have the potential to destroy not only social function but ALSO the environment in which animals and people live as well.

I hope this articles helps you understand not only how God LOVES the earth he created, but he also LOVES the people he created too ;)
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