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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christian Martyrs in the United States: A Religiously Free Nation??

I recently reviewed an article from some one else who read a book called "In God we Don't Trust." As I recall in our Public School History books there were no mention of Christian persecuted in the United States. After high school I studied very little on US History and focued more on Reformation history and Roman or Greek history through the college I attended. However, if we read deeper in US History, there actually were persons burned at the stake and I am talking about more than just the Salem Witch Trials.

In the article, by Mike Atnip, according to the book by, David Bercot, he battled for the correct facts in United States history. In David Bercot's book he clearly stated that Trust means Obedience. In other words To Trust God Means to Obey Him. To begin, when English settlers came to the American soil they spread the gospel in the wrong way. The first settlers stated that to evangelize to the Native "savages" was more of a place to say "we have a God-given right to live in America, whether the Indians like it or not." I my self have read old children's textbooks that clearly demonstrate a dislike towards native persons and a superiority of white persons. Not good at all and not godly by a long mile. There is even a blood boiling quite from Theodore Roosevelt entitled, "The most ultimately righteous of all wars is a war with savages." and further "It's hard to teach someone else to obey commandments of Jesus when you aren't practicing them yourself." Yikes!

Can you imagine That printed on the dollar bill today? The first settlers made fortunes off of tobaco and often used guns to resolve problems with the indians. Add to that the African Slaves and you have a recipe for income and a recipe for a godless nation. Most of these men claimed themselves to be Christians.....which they probably never read and obeyed the bible.

William Penn was a good man who didn't enslave, and paid the indians for THEIR land. His colony had more religious freedom than the current United States of America.

The Boston Tea Party actually was a small chunk of tax compared to the cost of the war, lives lost and increase in taxes on the colonists. Preachers were preaching to kill a British "cousin" dead because it was their "Christian" duty to do so.....huhhh?? The bible says to obey those in authority, unless they are in error then follow Christ and obey the 10 commandments, never to shoot someone for nothing.

On the article there is a picture of Mary Dryer as a statue. A Christian Quaker hanged by Puritans! Yikes. The British themselves TOLD the colonists to STOP such evil behavior!

Many people know that facts are twisted in historical records especially if they come through multiple sources and not direct copy.

So we see such moral decay in America and we want to blame the religious right.....but then we look to the left and see abortion, gay marriage and other issues at hand. Does holding up a gun solve anything? No. Following Christ is all that is needed. Simple obedience. Pay your taxes and obey the government unless they ask you to deny Christ.....then if Christ asks you to be persecuted you must as a true Christ follower die in other men's place.

Further more examples of those who refused to swear oath to the states and follow Christ alone were Christopher Sauer Jr., a brethren minister. He was forced into Revolutionary war and lost all his property not by English but by revolutionaries.

Within a decade or two after the revolutionary war, the United States citizens paid higher taxes than when they were under British rule.

The writer of the article, Mike Atnip recommends reading this book as part of your history curriculum so your high school students can gain a better picture of true American history. I do too! My husband has Native American and mix heritage and I know that ONLY Christ can fix the mess. I myself have English blood line and other mixed heritage. I also recommend you read the bible to get a better understanding of human history. Please Please Please do not use scripture to promote your own agenda and such. A self driven leader leads himself down the same old tunnel that old-adam traveled (gambling, money first, adultery, alcohol,depression and such and such).

So the next time you meet someone who is Christian, either ask how they feel about the founding fathers of the United States of America or listen very closely to what they say about them........ Also listen to what they say about the use of guns.

So yeah.....I definitely would like to take the time to read "In God we don't trust" by David Bercot. Also if you are regularly attending a church that misinterprets scipture and points to the United States as a Godly nation.....guess what, Christ gives you freedom and you do not have to believe this. He always is your comforter whether you are a church member or not. I have attended wonderful churches where people are so kind they don't think much of this nation and think about Obeying Christ first and foremost.

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