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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A call to return to homebirth and midwife practices

"From the very beginning, women have helped one another give birth. one particularly attuned to this task emerged as town or village midwife, wielding the healing skills of her time and culture. It is the midwife, not the physician, who has attended birth for most of human existence, certainly in indigenous societies. And in modern-day cultures of Denmark, Holland, and Sweden, midwife-assisted birth remains the norm. In fact, the six countries with the lowest perinatal mortality rates in the world all make generous use of midwives, who attend 70 percent of all births. In the United States, where midwives assist only 5 percent of births due to political constraints, perinatal mortality is alarmingly high: we rank number 24 worldwide."

This is a portion from Heart and Hands, a midwife's guide to pregnancy and birth by Elizabeth Davis

I encourage you to try home birth and possibly unassisted birth. The Birth Junkie Website is a great starting place for you to get information needed.

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