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Friday, June 28, 2013

Spring Song

How lovely nature's waking when the hills
bedeck themselves in frilly wild plum lace,
And redbud's blush suffuses earth's wan face
While birds converse in wordless chirps and trills.

the farmer whistles as his shining blade
Carves long, straight furrows in the pungent soil;
His faith implicit in the yield such toil
will garner, and his spirit unafraid.

The stirring stream unlocks the frosty bars
That guarded fin and shell through months of cold.
Shy trilliums, now suddenly grown bold,
Strew woodlands with a multitude of stars,
And lilac-plumed green couriers, tall with pride,
Fling fragrance through the budding countryside.

This is taken from 1968 Easter Ideals

Copyright 1960 before the Roe vs. Wade took effect in 1961
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