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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Postings of thoughts. Not too organized just the path laid out before us.

What is the most powerful weapon on planet earth (no humans' cannot live on the moon....logically it would never work, childbirth has its gravitational priorities)????  Prayer.

First we need to fix up ourselves and then we can think about fixing up our neighbor.  Love your neighbor as yourself goes a long way.  Your neighbor may be white, black, yellow, arab, jewish, orange, spotted or what have you.  Your neighbor may be a spouse, sister, brother, aunt, uncle or upstairs friend.   Gardening principles still apply.  Garden our minds with God's word and God's truth.  Learn hebrew, greek latin or whatever it takes to solve the "math"  problems set before us.  Learn new things......learn old foraging skills or what have you to survive.  Our spirit is willing the flesh is still that.....weak.  Going to church may not even solve the problems of life, making money for self won't fix those problems either....but fixing the problems in our homes and families will put the enemy to shame.  Feed the spirit and the fleshly muck we will have to deal with until our day on earth is done will die off.  Death to our selfish selves and temptations cease.  Death means no more alcohol, no more cigarettes, no more depression, no more rock and roll, no more gambling, no more crazy stuff.  Death.....death on the cross.  Its all a matter of choice.  Choose truth.  Choose life.
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