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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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 I may or may not put this in Decorah Public opinion

A Green Planet Starts with Truth, Meekness and Quietness

On Saturday June 22 according to gregorian calendar I attended the READ-A-THON of Senator Rob Hogg’s America's Climate Century at NE Iowa Peace and Justice Center.  It was inspiring to find people gathered together to read a book enjoyably as if sitting around an ancient campfire.  I was very pleased that children were invited to attend as well as they are the voice behind all that is within preservation of environment and goodness in society especially if parents joyfully teach them how to pick up the puzzle pieces, defend from boggy man starting at a young age.  I fully agree that we adults can work to fix community disasters like flooding in Cedar Rapids or Postville raid with the spirit of giving and faith found in our Lord despite the doubting Thomas' that exist from time to time.  We in those circumstances need to recall the old story of Noah and the ark, reinvestigate his intelligences and how he prepared for following the voice of truth found in a saving God despite the whispering mockers that surrounded him.  Our man-made methods of preserving the economy are failing and we need to fix our lives, to make a future for children possible.  The old cannibalistic nature of greed and selfishness for personal financial gain in our flesh doesn't work.  Rivers and streams become destroyed with dieing fish, birds and wild foods that even people can and do eat are unavailable as well.  We discussed how there are fellow people who do indeed eat dandielions and other wild edible foods.  When we face the enemy of destruction of human kind in environmental disasters with an overcoming power of meekness and quietness, we can envision ourselves raising families who happily enjoy the buzzing bees and tweeting sparrows and healthy raw foods rather than

opening up an overprocessed and chemically drained food product, pharmaceutical product, tobacco product or alcohol product that kills off animals as well as humans due to the constant travel and handling from afar.  Even the most frugal and poorest of mothers can find a way to feed her family healthy food in these days of confusion about balance between God, man and mother nature in the middle of extreme technology usage.  She can learn how to maintain a meek and quiet spirit that does not harm her man and her children so that there is no need for daycare or divorce expenses or fossil fuel usage which further destroy body, home, community, family and planet earth.  Paperwork is an expensive use of time and human energy. This is not natural and requires faith loving our neighbor as our selves.  Meditation on truth, submission to authority even if they scorn us or killed our parents can go a long way to clean up the mess that is before us.  Gaining wisdom from Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions, investing in study and practice in using local wild herbs and vegetables, learning the nutritarian Dr. Furhman diet, natural birth and home birth practices, as well as practicing gardening and farming that preserves soil and water contents as well as original seed nature can help greatly in these matters.  I thouroly enjoy articles written by bloggers on www.down--to--earth.blogspot.com, www.homeliving.blogspot.com and www.creativejewishmom.com and all the wisdom they share from far away lands.  Not only that but facing the reality that is set before womankind, instead of being woman who are always learning and never comming to the knowledge of the truth, lets overcome the lies and live in truth both mathematically and scripturally.  There is beauty in the earth in meekness and knowledge of truth, lets strive to find it and preserve it even if it means suffering for it.  If my words are not clear to you as I was not an english major in college I really encourage you to look into scripture to find real truth and educational values every day and to love your first spouse as you love your self.  If you must be blind and deaf to all for a few years, try it and see what befalls you.  I also encourage you to love and pray for your arab brethren as if they were your own as I am closly related to them and I understand the suffering that the arab Christians go through daily.  Yes my Arab uncle's family escaped Muslim against Christian persecutions in Armenia years ago, he has now passed on, attended MIT near Boston bombings.  Persecutions create a dirty and unhealthy planet.  Thankyou, may all the earth be blessed with the glory of Christ alone.
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