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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Green Planet starts with truth.

On Saturday June 22 I was meandering along in Decorah and happened to attend the ______ event at Peace and Justice.  It was inspiring to find people gathered together to read a book enjoyably as if sitting around a campfire.  As I attended the event, I also brought along my three children.  I believe their attendance at such an event will leave an impact that they are capable of adult social activities in a quantive setting.  I definitely agree, we need to learn more and practice more energy efficiency skills.  Solar panels, wind-power, reusing carboard, milk jugs turning them into crafty creations in the home and such can go far and will help the home, family and community both financially and environmentally.  I believe the key to bringing about these positive changes must start in the moral sphere.  We all have a natural tendency to be cannibalistic and wrathful in nature and choose to destroy neighbors, family, spouses and friends.  Lets admit, all that divorce paper work and running children between separated spouses does nothing but destroy more trees and use up more fossil fuels as well as human energy and time.  Putting that asside can be difficult inorder to achieve the benefits of peace within ourselves.

  When we find that peace, education of living a more green way of life can begin. We need to reinvestigate that we all have Noah's ark intelligences built within to build a more sustainable human way of life including a sustainalbe human family life despite our racial differences and variety.  In our home I have been studying the effects of eating wild-edible foods such as the weeds from our garden.  Yes your dandielon that grows in the sidewalk is eddible.  Eat a free salad for supper of burdock, lambs quarters salad, cattail smoothie and dandielion stem crisp.  In the process of discovering the natural wild-edibles that surround us with no need for fossil fuels or economic acitvity to attain these foods I am brought back to the story of creation when in the process of looking for these foods in which cattle were created the same day as human-kind.  Turns out that if the cattle get to the foods first we are left with nothing to eat.  I believe that people can create a clean community only if they are educated about what is good to eat and what is not good to eat as a whole.  Dr. Furman's nutritarian diet is really a wise investment in American nutritional changes.  People will willfully put away their weed killer that kills off the fish in our streams and wetlands if they find out that neighbor Suzy is trying to feed her children a good meal for supper.  We can put away ecessive use of WIC and other gvernment feeding programs if mothers learn how to grow their own corn or recieve it joyfully from a kind neighbor, turn it into 10 different products for supper, feed more green goodies including dandielon stem crisp from the wild to her children and learn how to process foods the old traditional way of eating foods. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon has excellent advice and recipes and many of these recipees can be interchanged with wild foods.

I hope we can invest our time in improving ourselves, leave off the scorning of others as it is harmful on others, environment and community and attending to the fine details of how to improve the family, world and environment in which we live.  I thuroughly enjoyed studying math and stats at Luther College and I truly believe that we will only see improvements in the Stats of home, family, environment and community life for anything from ecoonomic deprivation to cancer rates and such if we start with the fine details of relationship towards spouse, home and family and then community can take shape to an improved way of life and take hold of learning God's truth in the scripture.  Only then will we see a truly green planet.
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