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Thursday, July 5, 2012

TIME MANAGEMENT: Develop the homemakers 2 week schedule

Time Management
-riseth while it is yet night
-her candle goeth not out by night
-looketh well to the ways of her household
-eateth not the bread of idleness

This is a Proverb's 31series post

Are you a Christian Homemaker?  Or just a homemaker in general (yes, non-chrisitans can be homemakers as well, but they will not have the feeling or the morality of a Christian homemaker)?  Are you prepared to be an effective biblical counselor for your spouse and /or children as they deal with the problems of life?

A great and important way to ensure that you make sure that you are making the most of your time is to schedule your time in advance.  There may be doldrums because of the sin-nature of one's spouse or children which a Christian homemaker MUST be aware of in advance and prepared to deal with.  There may even be sin-nature of one's own self that a woman must deal with.  She MUST encourage her spouse and children to fulfill God's will in their lives through Christ but not be a hindrance or a nag at the same time.

According to the book LIES WOMEN BELIEVE by Nancy L. Demoss, a woman who provides income for the family is of no value in eternity.  The reason is because she essentially abandons her post and allows the "wolves" of society (day cares with perverts, schools with senseless dating and sexual experimentation, husbands unfulfilled and non-desirous to love one woman, in-laws or former family who convict of various ills and social problems etc) to take over  as well as the grounds of serving two masters (one the workplace the other a husband who needs prayer and support).

Life can become very fulfilling for a woman if she carefully plans each day carefully.  Usually a two week time frame of scheduling is very effective in removing idleness which leads to discontentment, fretting and other worries about the cares of this life.  Income, proper housing and proper clothing are not necessary for effective scheduling.  Even attendance, membership or participation at a church to meet one's social obligations are not necessary, and in some cases may not be possible because of the problems in the local congregations of problems developed from family discontentment through in-laws or former family life.

So may a Christian homemaking woman develop an effective two week schedule?

Step 1: Type up or purchase a day planner that has time intervals separated by 1/2 slots.

Step 2:  Type up different activities that you would like to accomplish in that two week time frame in list format.
Examples could include the following:
Homemaking duties
Hobbies (Garden, animals, crafts etc)
Skills Development
Spiritual Development (Including meditation, bible study, prayer)
Children's development
School Activities and holidays
Get-togethers with your friends
Family outings
Husband-wife dates
Time or outings without the children
Books to obtain and read
Library visits
Birthdays and anniversaries
One-on-one counseling or fun with the children (NEEDS to be done MORE these days than most women realize or desire)
Special Intimacy, Bedroom preparation and beauty for husband

Step 3:   Cut the list in pieces and then paste to the day planner or typed up schedule
Step 4:  You may edit, rewrite or type your schedule to the way you like.

For a schedule that you can easily adjust to your liking within each two week time frame, try creating the schedule on laminated card stock, so that you may simply tape and remove the labels as each week changes.  Decorate the calendar as well.  Perhaps use codes, stickers, clip art and fancy writing to create an attractive calendar.

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