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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Crafting/Household supply
-works willingly with her hands
-layeth her hands to the spindle/distaff
-she maketh fine linen

This is a PROVERB'S 31 series post

Are you short on time, would like a simpler way to save on wrapping paper or do you have extra amount of fabric on hand?  Try making homemade drawstring bag for your gifts.  They are reusable and can be created for various holidays.  If you are gifted and know how to sew fairly well, you really don't need a pattern to create a drawstring bag.  But for the rest, and for those who are new to sewing a simple pattern can be found here.

So give it a try and you'll save time for that next birthday get-together or Christmas celebration.  Children love gifts even if they aren't wrapped in paper.

Find special fabric to change the theme a little bit and see the smile of the person receiving the gift.

In fact, it takes about as much time to sew up a drawstring bag as it does to wrap a gift in paper.  Have fun and be creative.
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