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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Woman at home and how to overcome the "ruts"

(*****This was from a post that I posted on a forum about a woman who was struggling being a SAHM.  I'm guessing she probably wasn't Christian by any means but it is worth the suggestions as she was "bored."  If you are a new Christian or new to staying home with your own children all day, here are some suggestions I have for you!! :******************)

It sounds like boredom is your enemy right now.  Here are some ideas to help you go from being a "stay"-at-home-mom to "I love it"-in-my-home-mom.......  I know that any woman would not like to just be the baby-sitter of her children.  She needs to feel like there is something more valuable to what she is doing and have passion while doing it.

Check out www.letteroftheweek.com.  It offers great things and ideas that you can do with your little one "all day"

Pick up a new skill or hobby.  Ideas include improving/trying gourmet cooking methods, making greeting/birthday cards (giving/thinking of others squanders that "boredom" enemy), cake decorating, writing poetry, painting, sewing something, gardening, learning a new foreign language, learning how to have a more natural nutritional diet, canning/preserving foods, knitting, visit a shut in old widow once a month to once a week (another thinking of others task), invite a latchkey kid over to bake cookies (with parent's permission) the list of ideas CAN go on.

I know what it is like to be the "only" SAHM in a small town.  However, I have found that there are many more in my small town area and this makes me glad.  The SAHM crowd doesn't seem to be as gossipy as the workaholic crowd I have noticed from time to time.

So try making a list of 20 new things you could try to do, and MAKE SURE to include your child in those projects as well.  Develop a home management binder and you will feel like a super mom on top of the world.  If cleaning gets "boring" just divide it up and perhaps "learn" how they used to clean in the Victorian days or see how Martha Stewart recommends some things and give it a try.  You may find that cleaning isn't really that bad just by "learning" about it.

Being a SAHM is like second nature to me because I used to stay at home with my younger siblings when I was in my teen years and I lived in the country surrounded by "no one"  I found that keeping myself busy made the time fly by and memories grow.
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