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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How important are early pregnacy screenings??

In early pregnancy, many woman run to the doctor in anticipation of hearing that first heartbeat from an expensive ultrasound machine.  The cost to the doctor alone is at least 100$ per visit.  Much to her surprise she may find out that the new life in her womb failed to survive well past 8 weeks after small amounts of bleeding occurred.  She is asked to go to get an ultrasound to confirm the findings, which can cost another 200$ or more, plus a myriad of tests to confirm that fetal demise had taken place.  If she is not wise, she may decide to undergo a D&C procedure besides the understanding that the body has the natural ability without medical assistance to cleanse itself of material that is lifeless.  D & C procedures would only be necessary if there are leftovers that could cause an infection after a miscarriage has already taken place.

Besides early miscarriage before 12 weeks, there are also tests that determine if a fetus has down syndrome spinabifida or other malformations.  Not only are these tests highly inaccurate, they are expensive, some can be threatening to the unborn fetus and some are invasive to the mother.  The doctor may inform her that her fetus will eventually die possibly even at birth.  A foolish woman will believe the doctor and will not look further into the actual wording that the doctor states.  In some cases woman decide to believe these highly inaccurate tests and immediately run to the doctor for abortion procedures despite the determination to possibly even bring a severely disabled miracle child into the world while the heart of the unborn child is still beating.  A wise woman who underwent the early pregnancy screenings will wait until the heart has stopped beating AND will wait for her body to determine that the life inside of her is not viable.  That could be up to a month after the unborn child has already passed on.  She may be brave and prepared with herbs and remedies enough to endure the pains of labor in an unassisted miscarriage.  Her heart can be poured fully into that unborn child and she will know that she allowed the child to exist for as long as it was possible.

So how important are early pregnancy screenings???  They in and of themselves are not important at all.  They remove the heart of pregnancy from the mother so that she becomes desensitized from the life that is within her womb.  Very few of us would probably be here had we all had mothers who so foolishly believed such tests ;)
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