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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crafting/Household Supply: Crocheting Dishcloths

Today's theme in the Proverbs 31 series is about crafting and household supply.

Crafting/Household supply -works willingly with her hands -layeth her hands to the spindle/distaff -she maketh fine linen

In the past, women used to make everything they needed for their home. They would create much needed items such as dishcloths, table cloths, pillow cases, pillows, curtains, baskets for various uses and other common household items. Recently I gave a gift to my cousin who will be getting married. I did not use a pattern but simply crocheted 14 rows of double crochet/single crochet into the size of a regular dishcloth.

If you have never crocheted before you may learn how to crochet here.

More guidelines about crochet can be found here.

A great project for those who are learning how to crochet is making a few dishcloths. You may find free patterns here.

If you are lucky you may find the yarn needed and crochet hooks at a local used goods store. A bundle of yarn may only be 0.50 $ and a crochet hook may only be 0.50 $ as well. With this in mind it is possible to make nearly 10 dishcloths for less than a couple dollars. A fun project and a great way to save money when buying commonly battered and replaceable household items.

Happy Crocheting :)
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