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Thursday, January 15, 2009

What keeps a homemaker busy all day??

It seems that today's society believes that a stay at home wife or mother is a drain on society. That is a big misconception. I have made a list of things a homemaker may do on a typical day and the time it may take to complete each task....

Without children:
1. Reading the Bible: At least 15 minutes
2. Praying: At least 15 minutes in silence
3. Studying the bible very carefully: 30 minutes a day
3. Crafts of any kind : 1 hour or more
4. Gardening: 15 min or more weeding and harvesting
5. Sewing a garment for self or husband: 2 hours or more depending on difficulty
6. Washing the dishes by hand: 15 minutes a meal
7. Putting the dishes away: 5 minutes a sink load
8. Organizing the monthly finances: 1-2 hours a month
9. Doing the laundry with machine: 10 minutes putting in washer and dryer, 15-30 minutes folding and putting away
10. Ironing clothing: 15 minutes a load
11. Hanging clothes out to dry on a clothes line: 15 minutes a load to hang, 10 minutes to take down
12. Hand washing clothes: 40 minutes a full load, 10 minutes wringing the clothes (very difficult!)
13. Fine arts and crafts (ie. playing musical instruments, painting, pottery etc): 1 hour or more
14. Preparing food for daily meals: 15-45 minutes a meal
15. Reading a good book: 30 minutes or more
16. Harvesting fruits and vegetables: 15 minutes to one hour or more depending on type and location
17. Hand writing and creating a birthday card for someone special: 30 minutes
18. Cutting out coupons: 15 minutes or so
19. Sweeping the kitchen floor: at least 5 minutes
20. Making the bed: at least 5 minutes
21. Cleaning out the bathroom sink: 10 minutes a week
22. Cleaning the toilet: 5 minutes a week
23. Cleaning out the tub: 10 minutes a week depending on use of scrubbing bubbles ;)
24. Cleaning out the refrigerator: 15 minutes
25. Cleaning out the stove: 15 minutes of scrubbing
26. Dusting: 15 minutes or so depending on the number of rooms
27. Picking up after the day is done: 10 minutes or so
28. Washing windows and mirrors: 15 minutes depending on the number
29. Setting up an internet site to sell handy crafts or blog for thoughts: 30 minutes a day or so
30. Learning a new language: 30 minutes a day
31. Sewing quilts, clothing etc for charity: 30 minutes or more a day
32. Writing to a local politician about community, local or federal concerns: 15 minutes
33. Writing out a weekly menu: 1 hour or so a week
34. Making out a grocery list: 15 minutes a week
35. Mending worn clothing: 15 minutes or so per garment
36. Going for a walk: 30 minutes to 1 hour

With children under the age of four
1. All the above
2. Changing a baby/toddler's diaper: 5 minutes
3. Nursing: 30 minutes a day or more depending on age
4. Reading the baby or toddler a book: 10 minutes or more per day
5. Cleaning up after a toddler makes a mess: 10 minutes or more per day
6. Helping a baby or toddler get dressed: 10 minutes
7. Giving a baby or toddler a bath: 10 minutes
8. Singing to a baby or toddler: 5 minutes plus hearing momma hum
9. Taking baby/toddler for a walk: 30 minutes

With school age children
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