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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The problems in public education

I was "raised" by the public school system as a child. It seemed as if I was strategically lured by the counselors and teachers to further my education and succumb to mountains of college loans after I had graduated from the public school system. During my 13 years in the public school system it seemed as if I was some how lured to believe that my performances in school plays, music, sports and other events would actually amount to some "world-changing" event. It never really did. It only led to emotional frustration.

Although I was capable of receiving excellent grades in my classes, I felt the inclining feeling that something was not right about the educational system because it quite simply was too easy to grasp. In other words, the teachers were not focusing on teaching but rather were focusing on gearing students to achieve some sort of humanist goal. What ever that purpose was....I am glad that public schooling is behind me.

Here is an excellent article that gives specific details on the problems in the public education system.
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